We are leading waterproofing contractor and service providers in Pune. We specialise in diagnosis and treatment. We have special machines for injection grouting. Our expertise is to diagnose the problem from the source.

This wet wall not only looks bad but is an invitation to diseases and early wearing of buildings. We recognise this as a growing challenge and hence we specialised in bathroom leakage solutions and general waterproofing services.

Water – Proofing is a simple exercise  which involves:

  • Proper diagnosis.
  • Skilled execution.
  • Elimination the problem from the source.

Based on our inspection, we prepare a detailed report of the seepage and provide corrective action.  This is due to  our thorough understanding of

  • How water moves in the built-form.
  • The right selection of construction chemicals and application procedures.
  • On site survey after completion of treatment to assess complete solution of leakage problems.

We have received multiple orders for preventing leakage and water seepage. We have been successful in diagnosing problems and providing waterproofing services in Mumbai and Thane. The range of projects includes, terrace leakage, wet room leakage, external façade leakage, rising dampness, basement leakage covering a wide spectrum of sources.