Protect your building’s Exterior Paint

When you give your building’s exterior a paint makeover, you want the masterpiece to last.

Unfortunately, all paints are different and paying for the most durable option is not always within budget. However, making paintwork last is not just about a price tag; there are steps you can take to protect exterior walls and other structures from the worst the elements have to offer.

A combination of cleaning and maintenance is just what Pune exteriors need. The following steps are best practice for keeping your home’s paintwork protected all year round.


Washing can be a double-edged sword when it comes to paintwork. It is important to clean dirt away, but you don’t want to wear down or crack the paint in the process. Choosing the right tools for the job will keep your exterior paintwork looking fresh and clean without inadvertently doing more harm than good.

Flora & Fauna

Keep your plants, trees, and bushes under control when they are growing close to exterior walls. Branches will cause damage to paintwork over time and especially so during high winds. Spring and fall are the ideal seasons to cut back any overgrowth to keep paintwork safe from damage. If you decide to grow ivy around the exteriors of your home, make sure you understand the long-term implications. Paintwork will need to be completely redone if you ever decide to remove fauna such as ivy or vines.

Maintenance Inspection

Regular building maintenance inspections are critical in Pune. The elements and threat of pests are ever-present dangers which can do serious damage to paintwork. By regularly inspecting paintwork, you can decide if any work needs to be done or unattended items are posing a risk. Check for dull or cracked paintwork that may deteriorate further. In many cases, a touch-up of paint will help protect your exteriors for longer and save on the expense of having to repaint your walls.

While you are carrying out a maintenance inspection on paintwork, take the time to check any wood paneling for pests such as termites. If you encounter insect nests that you are unable to identify, do not disturb them without consulting with a professional first.

The SVB Associates Painting Company

Repainting is an expensive and laborious job. If your paintwork is badly damaged, it may help to take time to ensure that you tick all the boxes on your next project. A professional painting company may recommend additional steps depending on the particular needs of your home.

If you would like advice, have maintenance needs, or would like a quote on repainting your building, the SVB Associates are here to help. Call today for quality painting completed quickly, cleanly and professionally.

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