Modern Methodology


Aesthetics of a building are defiantly very important but more important is its protection from dust, smoke, pollutants, algae, fungus and so on.

Building colour plays a crucial role in protection. When the building is new it’s plaster is comparatively wet, as it starts getting dry many cracks are developed, this causes seepage during the rainy season. Further development of algae fungus worsens the problem and it may develop flaking. The health of plaster is affected and reduces the life of the construction drastically.

We can prevent this and INCREASE THE LIFE of building by painting the building scientifically.
Our 35 years of experience will help one to get the exact guidelines for the better life of your building.

Our Process:

  • Inspection of your building.
  • We take into consideration your budget and plan accordingly what is required.
  • For every type of painting, we have developed a scientific approach to surface preparation and paint application.
  • On the site our supervisors see to it that each step is followed by precision. This eye for detail has helped us delivery the astounding finish our clients expect in their paint job.

Scientific painting methodology is our passion. We prepare the surface carefully and follow all steps in details as required like Crack Filling, Algae Wash, Painting 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint, Painting Semi Acrylic Paint, Painting Ultima / Ultra Clean / Max-Latex Paint etc.